Uncommon Sense
The Podcast of the Society of GKC, where we talk about everything, and everything else, with a Chestertonian perspective. The podcast is hosted by Adrian Ahlquist. Want to give us feedback? Email podcast@chesterton.com

Could the 1964 Walt Disney film Mary Poppins be about the Holy Mother of God? Julian Ahlquist explains his intricate theory about this cinematic masterpiece, and it’s practically perfect in every way.

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Alyssa Bormes, author or The Catechism of Hockey, teaches theology at Chesterton Academy, and she gets a front row seat to watching miracles happen.

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This Lent, we go on a very different journey – with St. Joseph. But how can we journey with St. Joseph, when he wasn't even alive when Jesus suffered and died? Chesterton connects Joseph with Jesus in his usual paradoxical way. Find out more with our guest, Dale Ahlquist.

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David Cooney, writer of the blog Practical Distributism, joins us to explain the principles of Distributism and what he thinks of the new name, Localism. We also discuss the GameStop phenomenon and what the stock market would look like in a localist society.

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If you’re a longtime fan of the podcast, you’ll recognize the voice of our next guest, Nancy Brown, who hosted our Uncommon Sense podcast for over ten years. Nancy talks about her book, The Woman Who Was Chesterton, her current role as project manager for our online school, Chesterton Cor Jesu, and the Frances Chesterton Rosary League. Join us!

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Joseph Pearce is a Catholic apologist who has written bestselling books on G.K. Chesterton, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Shakespeare. In this episode, Joseph takes us on a journey through his past, his present and his future. The debt he owes to Chesterton plays a large part. We talk about everything from his knowledge on Shakespeare to his interview with Solzhenitsyn to how much he can bench press.

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Did you know the Chesterton Schools Networks has an online high school called Chesterton Cor Jesu? Andrew Youngblood, the headmaster of Chesterton Cor Jesu and Director of Curriculum for the network, explains how our online Chesterton Academy works and what makes our curriculum so great.

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It is the 100th year anniversary of G.K. Chesterton visiting the United States. In this episode of the Uncommon Sense podcast, Dale Ahlquist gives all the details of Chesterton’s trip, including which states he visited, who he met, what messages he delivered, and how Americans responded to him.

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Father Brown Investigations: The Death of Sir Percy Coldwell, is a tabletop card game based on the beloved priest-detective created by G. K. Chesterton. We talk to the creator of FBI Nikola Bolšec of the Croatian Chesterton Society about his detective game you will not want to miss. Joining us is Joe Grabowski, a partner in marketing for this entrepreneurial adventure. Consider supporting this venture by donating to their Kickstarter campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/fbi-game/father-brown-investigations-the-death-of-sir-percy-coldwell?ref=2raq1y

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