Uncommon Sense
The Podcast of the Society of Gilbert Keith Chesterton, where we talk about everything under the sun with a Chestertonian perspective, as well as the writings and legacy of G.K. Chesterton himself. The podcast is hosted by Grettelyn Darkey and Joe Grabowski. Want to give us feedback? Email podcast@chesterton.org.

In this episode, Grettelyn speaks with Brady Stiller, author of "Your Life is a Story" from Word on Fire publishing, and a speaker at this summer's Chesterton conference!

For Brady's book, visit https://bookstore.wordonfire.org/products/your-life-is-a-story 

For the Chesterton conference visit https://www.chesterton.org/43rd-annual-chesterton-conference/

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In this episode, Grettelyn speaks with Carrie Gress, author and fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center.

To learn more about Carrie, visit her website: https://www.carriegress.com/

For the Chesterton conference this summer, visit https://www.chesterton.org/conference

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Chris Check of Catholic Answers (https://catholic.com) joins Joe and Grettelyn to talk about his talk at this summer's Chesterton Conference (https://chesterton.org/conference) about Saint Gregory the Great and his tremendous influence on the history of Christianity.

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Popular Catholic YouTuber and speaker Brian Holdsworth joins Grettelyn and Joe to talk about evangelizing online, good literature and culture, and more!

To learn more about Brian, visit his website: https://brianholdsworth.ca/

To register for this summer's Chesterton conference, visit https://www.chesterton.org/conference.


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