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Kris McGregor interviews Dale Ahlquist on Inside the Pages about his book In Defense of Sanity.

Original link found here: http://www.discerninghearts.com/?p=6481

Permission to re-broadcast generously given by Kris McGregor.

Kris McGregor
Show Host/Producer of “Inside the Pages”
and “Discerning Hearts presents:”
 As heard on the Spirit Catholic Radio Network
Home office address:
2117 S. 166th Street
Omaha, NE  68130
402-884-0262 home office line
402-215-5288 cell

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Ian Ker is interviewed on National Review. The program is Between the Covers with John J. Miller. Father Ker talks about his biography of G.K. Chesterton.

Original braodcast link: http://bit.ly/whIE3S

(c) 2011 National Review, Inc.

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What are your Chestertonian New Year’s Resolutions?


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snoringscholar.com (Sarah Reinhard)






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