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US#7-Ted Olsen Eaten Alive Ted Olsen interview about Eaten Alive Conference held in Twin Cities. Cardinal George's new book-The Difference God Makes. Who will debate these modern atheists like Chesterton debated Clarence Darrow or GBShaw? ENDOW for Catholic women. ChesterTen news. Audio feedback: 206-337-9049 uncommonsensepodcast@gmail.com This show sponsored by the American Chesterton Society and by listeners like you. Web sites: chesterton.org americanchestertonsociety.blogspot.com @amchestertonsoc www.facebook.com/pages/The-American-Chesterton-Society http://music.mevio.com www.catholicnewworld.com doesgodexistdebate.blogspot.com If you like this show, please rate us on iTunes and/or write a review. Thank you.
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